Wednesday, September 1, 2010

0.6.9 fixes following issues

ID Type Priority Summary AllLabels
13 Enhancement High ant build target to execute JUnit tests Type-Enhancement, Priority-High, OpSys-All
14 Defect High ant build target to execute TestCases Type-Defect, Priority-High, OpSys-All
15 Enhancement Medium add elapsed diff time to user output from standalone app Type-Enhancement, Priority-Medium, OpSys-All
16 Defect Medium add diff progress indicator to output from standalone app Type-Defect, Priority-Medium, OpSys-All
17 Defect Critical MagicPlan does not accept diffKind parameter Type-Defect, Priority-Critical, OpSys-All
18 Defect Critical maxDiffs property does not work in MagicPlan Type-Defect, Priority-Critical, OpSys-All