Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Embedding the DiffKit framework in your application

Here is some helpful information for using the DiffKit framework within your Java application.
  • everything you need is inside the binary distribution: diffkit-<release>.zip. In fact, everything you need is within the standalone application: diffkit-app.jar. You do not need the source distribution.
  • unjar diffkit-app.jar. All of the DiffKit api is then in the diffkit- <release>.jar file. That file is (as of this writing) 315KB and you can embed it in your Java application in the same way that you would embed any other jar.
  • all of the diffkit-<release>.jar dependencies are in the lib/ directory that resulted from unjarring diffkit-app.jar. Not all of those jars are hard dependencies-- many of them will only be loaded if you are touching certain functionality. In particular, if you are embedding DiffKit in your application and only programming against the core apis, you do not need to include these jars in your application:
    • groovy-all-<release>.jar — only needed to run the embedded TestCaseRunner.
    • h2-<release>.jar — only needed if you want to use a DKDBSource or DKDBSink that is configured for the H2 database.
    • db2jcc.jar,db2jcc_license_cu.jar — only needed if you want to use a DKDBSource or DKDBSink that is configured for the IBM DB2 database.
    • ojdbc14.jar — only needed if you want to use a DKDBSource or DKDBSink that is configured for the Oracle database.
    • mysql-connector-java-5.1.13-bin.jar — only needed if you want to use a DKDBSource or DKDBSink that is configured for the MySQL database.
    • jtds-1.2.5.jar — only needed if you want to use a DKDBSource or DKDBSink that is configured for the SQL Server database.
    • postgresql-9.0-801.jdbc4.jar — only needed if you want to use a DKDBSource or DKDBSink that is configured for the PostgreSQL database.
    • hsqldb.jar — only needed if you want to use a DKDBSource or DKDBSink that is configured for the HyperSQL database.
    • org.springframework.*.jar — only needed if you want to configure your use of DiffKit via the Spring framework. If all of your DiffKit configuration is programmatic, then you don’t need the Spring jars.
  • The combination of diffkit-<release>.jar + it’s core dependencies (excludes Groovy, Spring and all of the JDBC drivers) is 2.6MB.


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  2. Does anyone have a simple example on how to use the API? I was able to create the DKMagicPlan, but wanted to know where do I pass it so I that it will run and return the results? Thanks.

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