Thursday, August 5, 2010

packaging DiffKit for distribution

Right now, DiffKit is source code only. We need some way of packaging a binary distribution to satisfy two audiences:

  1. Users who run DiffKit as a standalone application.
  2. Users who access DiffKit programmatically and need to embed a DiffKit jar in their own application.
Remarkably, there are no standard Java mechanisms for this in Java 1.6. JSR 277 seems to have gone comatose. Apparently Java 1.7 introduces some kind of modularized packaging implementation: java module system in java 7; but 1.7 is not in sight.

After reading about OSGi for about an hour, I fatigued and decided on something simple and immediate for the short run. One-JAR™ uses a custom class loader to allow references to jars that are embedded in other jars. So the plan is to create an executable binary (jar) using One-JAR for the application users, and embedded developers can unjar the One-JAR to access the diffkit.jar and any of its dependent jars that they might require.


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