Wednesday, August 11, 2010

application now processes command line using Apache commons CLI

Entry point to application is now conf/DKApplication:

   private static final String VERSION_OPTION_KEY = "version";  
   private static final String HELP_OPTION_KEY = "help";  
   private static final String TEST_OPTION_KEY = "test";  
   private static final String PLAN_FILE_OPTION_KEY = "planfile";  
   private static final Options OPTIONS = new Options();  
   static {  
    OPTIONS.addOption(new Option(VERSION_OPTION_KEY,  
      "print the version information and exit"));  
    OPTIONS.addOption(new Option(HELP_OPTION_KEY, "print this message"));  
    OPTIONS.addOption(new Option(TEST_OPTION_KEY, "run embedded TestCase suite"));  
   public static void main(String[] args_) {  
    LOG.debug("args_->{}", Arrays.toString(args_));  
    try {  
      CommandLineParser parser = new PosixParser();  
      CommandLine line = parser.parse(OPTIONS, args_);  
      if (line.hasOption(VERSION_OPTION_KEY))  
      else if (line.hasOption(HELP_OPTION_KEY))  
      else if (line.hasOption(TEST_OPTION_KEY))  

commons CLI is very easy to use.


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